The J.T. Baptista Memorial Karate Scholarship Fund (J.T.’s Fund) was created in memory of J.T. Baptista.  J.T. was seven when he left this earth on March 30, 2007.  In February 2006, J.T. began Karate classes at the International Black Belt Academy in Loveland, Colorado.  The transformation he experienced at the school in just that one year was incredible.  He started out as a boy with a very short attention span, and became a focused, respected youth ready to join the Black Belt Club.

J.T. would have received his black belt August 2010.  Instead, his father earned the black belt title.  They were at the same belt level when J.T. passed, so reaching this goal, once set for the two of them, is particularly bittersweet.

Because of the transformation we saw in J.T. and other youths at the school, we wanted to make this opportunity available to children who otherwise would not be able to afford the fees.  Thus, we created this scholarship fund as a memorial to our son who so loved Karate.

The owners of Northern Colorado Karate, Keith and Kim Schuett, are exceptional people.  They know how to handle children of all ages.  Their karate school is a haven for many families.  Often the entire family will take classes at varying levels.  Many parents and children join at the same time and get their black belts together.

Giving this opportunity to other children in J.T.’s name means so much to us.  Please help us make this dream come true for some very deserving kids.  It might make a bigger difference to them than we realize right now.