About Karate

Northern Colorado Karate

We are part of Northern Colorado Karate which is one of the International Black Belt Academy Schools. Below is a little information about the school. Please visit their website for full information!

Mr. Keith Schuett – Sensei Schuett is the Chief Instructor and Owner of Northern Colorado Karate, ltd. Mr. Schuett started his martial arts training at a young age in the art of Judo. Since that time, Sensei Schuett has achieved rank in American Kenpo, Tae Kwon Do, Universal Karate, and Eskrima. Mr. Schuett has also become a national and international level competitor in full contact stick fighting, receiving a bronze medal in the 2000 World Championships, held in the Philippines; and a silver medal in the 2002 World Championships, held in London, England. Mr. Schuett won a gold medal for single stick sparring, silver medal for double stick sparring and silver medal in forms at the 2008 World Championships, held in the Philippines.

Sensei Schuett has been sharing his passion for the martial arts and actively teaching for the past nineteen years. Mr. Schuett is a member of the International Black Belt Academies, United Martial Arts Alliance, National Association of Professional Martial Artists, Martial Arts Industry Association, and the World Eskrima Kali Arnis Federation.

Students of all ages will find his classes challenging, informative, and above all, enjoyable. Mr. Schuett is highly committed to the welfare of his students and the long term reputation and growth of Northern Colorado Karate, ltd., International Black Belt Academy of Loveland. If you have questions about requirements, promotions, progress checks, or ideas for making class better, please talk to Mr. Schuett.

Mrs. Kimberlee Schuett – Kim is the co-owner and office manager of Northern Colorado Karate, ltd. Mrs. Schuett is available to answer questions and to set up financial payments. Please direct any questions that you may have about class attendance, payments, curriculum, equipment or promotions to Mrs. Schuett. The Schuett’s have three sons, two of which are Black Belts in both Kenpo Karate and Tae Kwon Do. One son is currently working on this first degree belt. Their daughter-in-law is also a Black Belt in Kenpo Karate. I guess you could say, it is all in the family.

Assistant Instructors – All instructors are students of Kenpo Karate and have gone through the ranks at Northern Colorado Karate. It is their love of the art plus their desire to share their Kenpo knowledge that has allowed them to become assistant instructors. Mr. Schuett personally trains and oversees their classes. All curriculum used is designed and delegated by Mr. Schuett. We think we have a great team of instructors and hope you will agree with us.